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Happy 25th Anniversary, Windows 95!

Today is the 25th anniversary of Windows 95.  It may not seem like it now, but Windows 95 was revolutionary.  You could open a file several different ways – double click on the file, create a shortcut, right click and select Open!  Never had we been able to right click on a file and decide what to do with it.  Ahh, the Send to option…  Windows 95 had some other incredible new features:

  • Windows 95 was a full 32-bit operating system, not relying on DOS to be installed/run first.
  • Context menus to open, edit, move, and create new files and folders made working with files and applications SO much easier.
  • Windows 95 had built-in networking including support for TCP/IP (yes, you previously had to add support for TCP/IP).
  • Multiple users were supported through user profiles.
  • Compatibility features allowed you to run both new 32-bit applications and older 16-bit applications.
  • And finally, the Start Menu that we nearly lost with Windows 8!

When Windows 95 was released, I was one of five technical leads for a Microsoft support partner.  I created training schedules for new employees and weekly lunch and learn sessions for our other employees.  I taught customer service and Windows 95 classes and spent many hours providing escalation and 3rd level support for Windows 95. 

For many reasons, that job made my career in IT and lead me to where I am today, about to start a new career in infosec.  Happy anniversary, Windows 95, and thanks for everything!


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